Friday, November 16, 2012

Minot's Light

Why would man choose such a life
Living on the edge of a volatile sea
Without benefit of children or wife
In the shadow of the reaper’s knife
Where wind alo ne would hear his plea?

What demon roams within his soul
To compel his voluntary exile
Upon such an isolated rocky isle
Circled by moat black as coal
Where placid waters dwell hostile?

None but a lady could so impel
One man to leave his life to chance
To partner in this dangerous dance
On the precipice of heaven and hell
Wooed by exhilaration of romance

The sea is but an alluring temptress
Shameless flirt upon a briny horse
Untamed beauty her only force
But once embraced by her caress
The lady is a victor without remorse

© pending Susan R. O’Brien

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Break Away

It is time for him to break away.
To find a place he can settle down;
Too many promises left to pay.

His you ng life is in such disarray,
Worst reputation in this small town;
It is time for him to break away.

Began at twelve when he ran away,
Turned his small family upside-down;
Too many promises left to pay.

Drove too reckless in his Chevrolet,
Reputation with police renown;
It is time for him to break away.

Brought his mother such utter dismay,
Engaging smile replaced with a frown;
Too many promises left to pay.

Starting over he can find his way,
End this perpetual tumble-down.
It is time for him to break away,
Too many promises left to pay.

© pending Susan R. O’Brien

Thursday, November 8, 2012


You showed up on my doorstep then took over my life
And without trying wrapped your paws around my heart
Entrusting me with the innocence reflected in your eyes

I felt unending joy when you greeted me with those eyes
Each wag of your crazy tail gave energy to my life
While sloppy kisses on my face refreshed a jaded heart

All I have is your image engraved upon my heart
The vision of you running free reflected in my eyes
Where angel wings and endless days constitute your life.

A dog's life; too few years for such a faithful heart, such trusting eyes

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Morning Masterpiece

I did not watc h the sun rise across the sheltered harbor
In the stillness of the morn in the shadow of the arbor
Nor did I stand in darkness impatient for the show
That has me rooted to this spot in its golden afterglow

The curtain had been raised by the time I took my place
An audience of one in the presence of such grace
Wintry winds caress my face as I bask in this grand event
Admiring this masterpiece brushed by the sun’s ascent

The lone tree spreads its branches in gratitude to the host
Whose rays of light stroke gently across the distant coast

And I, I watched in silence, felt my foreboding cease
For in these precious moments I found my inner peace

© pending Susan R. O’Brien