Monday, October 29, 2012

Ivy Brooch

Crystal droplets adorn each tiny leaf
Ivy brooch embroidered with dew
Nature’s amazing, jeweled motif
Crystal droplets adorn each tiny leaf
Striking beauty whose time is brief
Passed by so many, seen by so few
Crystal droplets adorn each tiny leaf
Ivy brooch embroidered with dew

© pending Susan R. O’Brien

Friday, October 26, 2012

Praying Mantis

Calmness embraced me when you came into view
Good fortune had drawn me to this rendezvous
Where the waters were calm, the air was at rest
And my mind lay burdened with so much distress
Until I saw you fly past me, then somehow I knew

When you set on the branch my curiosity grew
I approached with care to this place where you flew
Troubling thoughts had already begun to divest
Calmness embraced me when you came into view

In stillness I stood there in the meadow rue
Then your head turned to watch me looking at you
Tranquil eyes found my face, my heart stilled in my chest
In that moment I knew my life would be blessed
My spirits were lifted, inner peace shone through
Calmness embraced me when you came into view

© pending Susan R. O’Brien

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Butternut Squash

Tonight I thought I’d cook up some soup
Just enough for me, not a whole group
Butternut squash, the main ingredient
With a recipe I found, no need to invent
I roasted the squash and minced the onion
And used my food processor to make it fun
Then on a whim I added some fruit
An apple minced with onion, oh what a hoot
So I minced an apple to sauté on the stove
Oh boy, what a great concoction I wove
The squash was roasted, the fruit sautéed
With onion, some ginger; I was on a crusade
What a thrill I had when I pulled out the blender
Just what would my squash and veggie broth render?
So I pureed, pureed, then pureed some more
And hoped it would soon be thin enough to pour
But it wouldn’t puree so I added more broth
But all I got was a burnt orange froth
I must have misread the recipe along the way
The mixture was creamy, that’s how it would stay
So I heated it through and gave it a taste
I decided that it would not go to waste
It was surprisingly good, really quite yummy
And so I had a bowl to fill up my tummy
So I’ll try this recipe on another day
I’ll make soup with squash, I’ll not run away
From trying something new to serve at dinner
In the meanwhile, my creamy squash is a winner

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Beauty Within

Crevice in the earth
Reveals true beauty within
Mother Nature beams

© pending Susan R. O’Brien